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Reg4Class lets private tutors and teachers manage their students, classes, schedules and finances online. Set your class prices, add students, create lesson schedules, record attendance, keep track of finance balance.

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Reg4Class is lightweight, efficient, easy to use and nice looking self-hosted web based application for people who do private tutoring. It blends the best of two worlds - downloadable tutoring software and online applications. It runs online on your site, so you can access it from anywhere with a web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. At the same time you completely own the software and the information rather than renting it somewhere for a monthly fee.

All you need is just a website that can run PHP & MySQL scripts - even most cheapest web hosting plans do offer this! Pay once, host it yourself, own it forever.

Keep Organized

Organize your classes schedule, manage your students database, keep track of attendance, record payments.

Access Anywhere

Reg4Class is a self-hosted PHP & MySQL class scheduling tutoring software working on your website. So it can be accessed from any web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cost Effective

Just one time payment and you're ready to go. Upload Reg4Class to your website and enjoy your own tutoring business management software with no monthly fees.

Latest update: Version 2.0.0

We constantly add new features and options to offer a dependable online tutor scheduling software at a reasonable price. Reg4Class helps you smoothly run your private tutoring business with no monthly recurring software bills.

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